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Original Characters

Terms of Service

What you will recieve:
For illustration Commissions - a hi-res .PNG file, I can send you a transparent version upon request.
Reference Sheet - A hi-res .PNG file AND .PSD file.

  1. Character references preferred! Written character descriptions and unorthodox visual references (ie mood boards, google folders full of ideas) are okay.

  2. You are purchasing a digital file, payment is through PayPal

  3. Refunds are negotiable, cancellation fees could apply.

  4. Don't haggle!

  5. My art style is subject to evolve slightly over time, each piece is unique and subject to change (ie lighting, or coloring method).

  6. If you don't want me to post the commission online please tell me

  7. I will not email WIPs unless asked

  8. You may request small changes for free or if there's a visible error.

  9. If your character does not have a full visual reference, your commission may take longer, and I may need to contact you for further instruction.

  10. I will only answer e-mails directly related to art and commission work.

  11. Your commission is for personal use only, unless it is paid as artwork for commercial use.

  12. I reserve the right to refuse one's commission for any reason without specifying

  13. If you are posting your commission please credit me!

  14. SFW requests only


Contact this email for commission requests! (This may take time, but I will respond when I can)



Hip-Up Character Illustration
($150 per character)

Fullbody Colored Sketch
($90 per character)

Colored Sketch Page
(Starting at $300)

Reference Sheet/Custom Character design*
Front, back, clothing layer & expression bust ($200+)

Digital Stickers
($20+ per sticker)

Order formCommission Type: (hip-up illustration, sticker, colored sketch.)
References: (insert links here)
Other Info: (props, outfits?)
PayPal email: (for invoice)


Contact this email for further business inquires! Thank you